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Popularising The Uganda Elections Data Portal (UEDP)

With support from The International Republican Institute (IRI), Sensitise Uganda popularises and trains political parties, civil society organisations, the media and other relevant electoral stakeholders on how to use The Uganda Elections Data Portal (UEDP).  You can now visually search, analyze, and explore elections results, voting trends, turnouts, and more, from national to hyper-local levels, in a single powerful portal with many analytical features and data visualizations on The Uganda Elections Data Portal (UEDP)

The Uganda Elections Data Portal (UEDP) is a project of the International Republican Institute (IRI) designed to increase transparency and understanding of voter registration and results made publicly available by the Uganda Electoral Commission (EC). UEDP allows users to visualize, analyze, and download voter registration and other election related data from the presidential elections since 2006, enabling Uganda's electoral stakeholders to conduct more effective civic and voter-education efforts.

The Uganda Electoral Commission(EC) collected and published the data, which are available on the Uganda Elections Data Portal, which was first publicly available on their website. Over the past Four elections, Uganda’s EC has expanded its data collection to include more details, including the age and gender of registered voters. IRI applauds the EC for making this election-related information available to the public. The EC’s actions in this regard can serve as an example to other election commissions around the world and demonstrates the fulfillment of its vision statement which is "to be a centre of excellence for election management bodies in the region and the continent"

The UEDP datasets come from the official election publications of the EC of Uganda. The exact number of documents that IRI used to put together the UEDP datasets depends on what the EC published for each presidential election. However, the backbone of the UEDP database and analyses are the polling-station-level results files that the EC published for each election, including the 2021, 2016, 2011, and 2006 elections.

Apart from these files, the National Voters’ Register and the 2016 Polling Stations List were also used to create UEDP’s 2016 dataset and analyses. These two documents contained extra demographic information on registered voter demographics and allowed UEDP to include both age and gender data on registered voters.

All the original EC publications used were originally PDF documents. Even the 2016 National Voters’ Register was originally 28,010 different PDF documents that could be downloaded through the EC’s Voter Information portal. Links to these source documents are provided, as well as links to machine-readable versions of the original documents.