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Youth as Drivers of Peace: make the youth an integral part of peace building and conflict prevention in Uganda.

On the occasion of this year’s International Youth Day, the members of the Sensitise Uganda wishes to congratulate all young people in Uganda, Africa and the whole world for their positive contribution towards the promotion of peace and security in Uganda and across the globe.

Every year, the 12th of August, is set aside by the United Nations as International Youth Day, in order to recognize the pivotal role of young people and encourage their participation in nation building.

On the 9th of December 2015, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. This historic document is the first of its kind to acknowledge the positive role of young people in building sustainable peace, and further underscores the need for governments and other stakeholders to support the youth in this role.

Subsequently, the UN Security Council Resolution 2282 (2016) further emphasizes that the scale and challenges of building sustainable peace requires partnership among stakeholders, including young people and youth organizations. The African Youth Charter recognizes the important role of the youth in promoting peace and non-violence and the lasting physical and psychological scars that result from involvement in violence, armed conflict and wars.

The National Youth Policy of Uganda also identifies peace and security as essential prerequisites for development, the absence of which threatens good governance and nation building.  The National Youth Policy of Uganda further identifies the critical need to promote conflict prevention among the youth as a major stakeholder in peace building and also oblige government in collaboration with other stakeholders to promote active youth participation in conflict prevention, resolution and in peace building. Towards this end, we consider the theme for this year’s celebration dubbed, “Youth Building Peace” as appropriate.

Unfortunately, in Uganda, the potentials of the youth in peace building and conflict prevention has not been fully exploited. Consequently, the youth are neither recognized as effective peace agents nor incorporated into both the traditional and formal peace architecture of the country.

Hence, as we mark this special day, Sensitise Uganda wishes to call on government, traditional rulers, religious leaders and other peace building agencies to streamline youth participation into peace building and conflict prevention processes in Uganda. On the other hand, to curtail the activities of political party youth vigilante groups, we further call on government to create more economic and livelihood opportunities for the youth through skills training while streamlining its social protection policies, such as the youth employment programmes to benefit all young people in Uganda rather than a section of the party youth.

Finally, we call on government and the private sector to fully resource the National Youth Council at all levels to deliver on their mandate to develop a strong and discipline youth imbued with the spirit of Nationalism, self-reliance, leadership, civic responsibility and a sense of public service and morality.

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