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A ray of hope as schools are promised to open soon.


  1. The 30 days will end on April 20th. The govt will inform stakeholders about the opening date for schools. However, if all goes according to plan, Term 1 will open April 27th, 2020 to June 12th, 2020; June 22nd to September 4th – 2nd term. 3rd term will begin on 21st September close on the 19th December and holidays are to be shortened.
  2. The Ministry is to organise lessons and has secured free learning airtime on radio to engage students that may not have access to online platforms. Teachers are encouraged to prepare material for the next terms and remedial work based on these lessons.
  3. No additional fees should be charged when Term 1 resumes.
  4. The Ministry has suspended any form of examinations during the #Covid19 crisis because some students lack the infrastructure to do them.
  5. There will not be end of Term 1 Examinations.
  6. Schools will only have one mock examination by the Ministry.
  7. Should the lockdown be prolonged, the Ministry will also communicate and find ways of engaging the learners.