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Press release to clarify on a story published by an online publisher dated 22nd October 2022.

Sensitise Uganda has noted with great concern a story published by an online publisher dated 22nd October 2022 with a headline; “Relief as Ugandans can now access Presidential Results Online”.

Sensitise Uganda wishes to state that; the story published misrepresented the intentions and agenda of Sensitise Uganda.

Sensitise Uganda is a non-partisan, indigenous Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).  Our vision is “An informed, coherent, sensitised, transformed and a developed Uganda”. Our Mission is “To sensitise, raise awareness, build capacity to all Ugandans on socio-economic and political challenges and also contribute to the development process of the country”.

Currently, Sensitise Uganda is consulting different stakeholders on electoral reforms. On Thursday, 20thOctober 2022, Sensitise Uganda met with some members of the media and consulted them on electoral reforms.

In order to have electoral reform proposals that are informed by data, Sensitise Uganda with the members of the media  consulted, referenced  the Uganda Elections Data Portal that was developed using The Electoral Commission official election results that were published on the Electoral Commission’s website; the past four general elections of; 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021.

Therefore, indeed the story that was published is misleading and contradictory at the same time because the election results used to develop the Uganda Elections Data Portal are the official election results published by The Electoral Commission on the Electoral Commission’s website.

Sensitise Uganda is not an alternative source of election results because it is The Electoral Commission that is mandated by law to ascertain, publish and declare elections in Uganda.

In this regard therefore, Sensitise Uganda works to contribute to government efforts of promoting participatory democracy and good governance in Uganda.

We highly regret and apologise for any inconveniences caused by this misrepresentation. We promise to work hard to avoid such in future.