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THE BUDGET WE WANT TO SEE!!: Youth Influence Budget processes in KCCA

Issue: Teenage Pregnancy/Early/Forced marriages

1.0 Background:
According to UNICEF’ S report 2011 State of the World’ s Children , national statistics show that 40% of women in Uganda were below the age of 18 at the time of marriage. According to The State of Uganda’s Population (Republic of Uganda, 2011) estimates that between 6,000 and 14,000 women and girls die each year as a result of pregnancy-related complications, while 130,000-405,000 women and girls suffer from disabilities caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Teenage pregnancy stands at 24% in urban & 26% in rural areas, adolescents contribute over 33% to maternal death in Uganda.

ISSUE 1: Lack of access to information on what SRH&R and GBV prevention, protection and service points
We Request KCCA to itemize this in the budget by:

  1. Budgeting for awareness campaigns in the schools, communities to pass on this information to the young people
  2. Put in place specific budget lines for procuring Information Communication Materials for the young people. This could be supporting schools to have talking compounds, murals, community boards with messages on SRHR and GBV protection and SRHR services
  3. KCCA needs to invest in co-curricular activities for the out of school youths; by facilitating drama for young people.
  4. KCCA to put in place platforms where young people can share their experiences regarding access to SRHR/GBV protection services
  5. Establish young people’s safe spaces where adolescents/young girls and boys can talk about sensitive issues. Create links between girls’ and boys’ groups and local leaders to ensure effective prevention of child marriage and teenage pregnancy
  6. There is need to budget for capacity building for all service providers/actors in ensuring that they provide age appropriate youths friendly health services

ISSUE 2: Negative Traditional/cultural practices that lead to teenage pregnancy/early/forced marriages
Our Request to address these practices in the budget is as below:

  1. KCCA put in place a robust campaign in the City to address the Early/forced child marriage/teenage pregnancy. This is aimed at promoting a shift in the mind set and social norms that drive the practice of child marriage and teenage pregnancy. This includes use of role models, and dissemination of communication materials through different means..
  2. Facilitate folk media and community mobilization efforts, such as talk shows on community radios
  3. Enhance budgets non formal education to keep girls longer in school. This will also enable them not to engage in transactional sex which in turn fuel premarital pregnancies that lead to forced/child marriage
  4. Through the CDOs’ office facilitate the parent support groups (form peer to peer) support action groups to decampaign the practice
  5. Capacity building for young people to build agency especially for girls to see themselves as valuable. This can be done by putting in place empowerment programs on life skills both in school for the young people in school as well as those in the community through their youth clubs/groups
  6. Budget for development of data on child marriages to provide evidence for programming and monitoring progress
  7. Conduct a formative research on child marriage in relation to people’s views about child marriage and the social norms that govern it and the link to teenage pregnancy.

ISSUE 3: Inadequate support to Gender Based Violence prevention, protection and Response
To address these issues, the young people proposed the following

  1. Budget increase to the CFPU to enable them to adequately respond to cases of Gender Based violence (to cater for stationary, airtime, provision of safe places for young people)
  2. Put in place adequate budget for the probation officers to enable them follow up cases of Gender Based Violence in the communities and enable the young people have their problems sorted
  3. Put in place capacity building programs for the service points to enhance their skills on how to address issues of GBV including case management, follow up, referrals etc

ISSUE 4: Lack of youth friendly services at health facilities
To address these issues, the young people proposed the following

  1. Budget allocation for capacity building of health workers to equip them with skills of offering youth friendly services.
  2. Budget for procuring commodities such as FP for young people
  3. Allocating budget to make health facilities more youth friendly by
  • Remodeling of health facilities to create spaces/special rooms for adolescents.
  • Identifying focal point persons in every department (OPD, Maternity, Pediatric and others) trained on handling young people.
  • Provision of user friendly IEC materials to support access to health information for behaviour change.
  • Allocating special hours for offering youth friendly service in all health facilities e.g. Tuesday 8-5pm and Friday – same time.

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